Bike Polo Northside Qualifier // Toronto July 2-3

This July long weekend (somewhere between Canada Day fireworks and the Pride parade… and I guess Independence Day, if you’re feeling extra festive…) there’s going to be an all-out Polo Royale on the streets of Toronto!

(Actually it’s in park in a caged outdoor rink… but whatever)

It’s the Northside Qualifier tournament to earn a birth for the big one and Orontas is proud to be keeping the chains spinning all weekend. It’s sure to be a lot of fun so pedal by and check it out!

You can find more info over at

Northside Toronto Bike Polo Orontas

Happy Bike Month

Today is the kick-off of Bike Month in Toronto (and since it’s the centre of our universe, well just go ahead and consider it our official Bike Month as well!)

To get things rolling we’ve hooked up with the good folks at Biking Toronto for a contest where you could win some free swag! Check out the details here!

There’s a full list of events in Toronto here (we’re especially looking forward to the Dandyhorse Magazine party tonight!)

If you’re elsewhere in the world and can’t enjoy the festivities with us, here is a video from our friends in Finland:


Happy Birthday To Us!

orontas second birthday

Today’s our second birthday!

The Canadian government was nice enough to mark the occasion with a long weekend, so we hope you’re all out enjoying it!

We’ve had an amazing year and met a lot of new faces and made a lot of new friends so we’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you for coming along for the ride!

But also, buckle up, we’ve got lot’s more in-store!

We’ll see you soon.

- George Klein & Chris Hanz, Co-Founders

Alabamboo Live!

Running from April 29th to May 1st you’ll be able to watch & chat with the COMMON MBA’s working on the Alabamboo project from Greensboro, Alabama at:!

Orontas is proud to be supplying the COMMON team with our line of renewable lubricants, greases and cleaners to get them off the ground. This project is about more than building build bikes, though; this is another step toward more local and sustainable manufacturing and about re-building communities.

Here’s a video of John Bielenberg talking about COMMON Cycles:

Evergreen Bike Works + ORONTAS

In the spirit of supporting Lifestyle DIY here in our home of Toronto, Orontas is proud to announce we’ve put the rubber on the road with our friends at Evergreen Brick Works on their Bike Works project!

Evergreen Brick Works Orontas

Bike Works will feature drop-in DIY bike repair space and rentals on Saturdays and Sundays from April to October for the public. Evergreen is a not-for-profit organization and works under the pay what you can model so there’s no excuse to not check it out this summer!

Bike Works launches Saturday April 23rd so head down to the Brick Works this weekend for the grand opening! More info on this weekends event can be found here.

Evergreen Bike Works Orontas

It’s LunchBreak In Finland

Our friends at Eväslaatikko have kicked off the spring in Finland with a video called LunchBreak. So sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of Turku by Orontas-powered bicycle!


A few weeks ago we announced that we were officially keeping an eye on COMMON, the collaborative brand project from Alex and Ana Bogousky, John Bielenberg and Rob Schuham. Well, today we’re beside ourselves to announce that Orontas has jumped on board and teamed up with COMMON for their Alabamboo project!

Alabamboo is a community project taking place in Greensboro, Alabama that will see members of the local community come together to grow bamboo for the purposes of building bikes from sustainable materials and creating a new, thriving local industry.

As part of the project, Orontas will support Alabamboo with BikeCare Lubricant, Plant-Based Lube, Waterproof Grease and BikeCare Cleaner as they kick off the inatiave with the COMMON MBA program in April 2011. Following that, Alabamboo will take off across the USA on a tour in support of the project powered by nothing but human-power, Orontas and (hopefully) some downhill gravity here and there.
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Lifestyle DYI: The Fabric Bike

We’re not even sure what the final product is going to be here, but what looks like making a bike out of cloth and riding it in the Toronto winter is one of the most badass DIY projects I’ve ever seen. This comes from the ladies at The Deadly Nightshades, a self-described “Canadian all-girl midnight bike gang & design collective combined. We encourage ethical and sustainable design, as well as general mischief”.

Sounds right up our alley.

SKETCHES: BikeCare Cleaner Concept

Orontas BikeCare Cleaner

After BikeCare Lubricant launched in Fall 2010, BikeCare Cleaner would be the second overall product to be launched by Orontas and the first in the Orontas 2011 line (“O-11″) so there we’re a lot more design considerations to take into account because however it went, Lubricant would be re-designed to match. This sketch was the original concept that actually led to a small production run that was sent out to retailers and distributors. Although the design was well received, it did not make it past the cutting room floor and the end design was…well:

orontas bikecare cleaner

Did we make the right call? We think so.

London – Paris

A DIY Tour de France for some hardcore riders.

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