2012 Seoul Bike Show

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Big thanks to everyone who came out on the weekend to the 2012 Seoul Bike Show and also to our friends at Highland Sports. To get Orontas in Korea drop them a line;

Highland Sports
info [at] hlsc.co.kr

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Northern Standard Bike Polo - Orontas

O: What’s Northern Standard (NS) all about and how long have you been doing it?

M: Northern Standard is a 1.5 year old company that makes specialized products for the sport of hardcourt bike polo. We actually started developing a mallet head design well before we became a company and during that process saw lots of opportunity in the sport. We are based in Vancouver British Columbia, which is widely known as a bike polo powerhouse and home to the 2011 world champions. nbd.

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Two Wheels Good sells a carefully curated range of urban commuter bicycles. Besides bikes they offer a selection of beautiful accessories like bags, saddles, international magazines, limited edition prints and photography. With the goal of building community through bicycles, Two Wheels Good regularly organizes events like an English Cycle Style night or a swap meet in order to give people the chance to meet and communicate.

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Our friends at ILIKEBIKE in Sweden have set up an Orontas window display at their Showroom A-T-R in the trendy Södermalm area of Stockholm (Åsögatan 122, 116 24 Stockholm, Sweden).

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Featured Store: 48×17 – Athens

Orontas 48x17 Athens Greece

48×17 is a project space based in central Athens devoted to urban cycling, whatever form it might take: fixed gear, road racers, cyclocross or just commuting bikes. It was founded by people that met within the local bike community then moved on either to bike messengering or sports cycling.

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ORONTAS At The Canadian Embassy In Tokyo

Last week we had the chance to take over the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo as part of an exhibit of Canadian bike products in Japan.

We’d like to thank the Canadian Embassy, our partners Aki and all the (over 500!) dealers that came by!

Orontas at Canadian Embassy

Orontas at Canadian Embassy

Orontas at Canadian Embassy

To learn more about Orontas in Japan, visit us here; http://www.akiworld.co.jp/orontas/

Orontas At The ING Café This Summer

Our friends at the ING DIRECT Café (221 Yonge Street, Toronto) are offering the full line of Orontas products all summer with the proceeds going to support Evergreen’s bike programming.

So drop by, check out the display and grab some products for a good cause!

Play Nation & Orontas @ Design Exchange

The Design Exchange is having an exhibit on all things outdoor/sport either made or designed in Canada!

Called Play Nation, our friends Cervelo – of course – make an appearance as do many other great Canadian co.’s.

As the second largest country with one of the worldʼs lowest population densities, Canada is known for vast open spaces and varied geography. The importance of the great outdoors is such a significant part of our nationhood that Canadian iconography – the beaver, the maple leaf, Group of Seven, hiking in the Rockies, playing hockey on frozen ponds – is indelibly linked to the natural environment. Play > Nation will explore the ways in which our unique landmass has contributed to a national love of the outdoors and shaped our collective interest in outdoor sport and exploration. The exhibition sections will focus on Water, Winter, Forest, and Urban environments. Each section will present contemporary Canadian outdoor and sporting equipment, contextualized by historical examples of earlier models and archival material pertaining to outdoor sport and exploration. The exhibit will chronicle the transition of objects used by First Nations peoples and early Canadian settlers and explorers for survival and transportation to our contemporary use of the same items for sport and hobby. Play > Nation will incorporate a myriad of design disciplines, including apparel, industrial design, graphic design, as well as iconic designs.

As some added incentive for checking it out (as if you needed any) Orontas products are now available at the Design Exchange store!

The Northside’s

Bike Polo Toronto Northside Hardcourt Championships

A few days have passed and hopefully bruses have (started) to heal from the intensity that was the Northside Bike Polo Championships 2011 here in Toronto!

Big congrats to the (predominantly) hometown boys DTGP and a huge tip of the hat to all the organizers/volunteers who put on a great show for us all!

1st – Dans Ta Gueule, Puceau (Kev TO / Ngaihon TO / Hugo PAR)
2nd – Rusty Nutz (Adam / John / Piet ANN ARBOR)
3rd – Woadie and the Jets (Chris ATL /Eric ATL /Woadie PDX)

More info: bikepolo.to

Bike Polo Toronto Orontas

Bike Polo Toronto Hardcourt Orontas

MEC BikeFest

This Saturday (June 25th) is MEC Bikefest here in Toronto as well as in many other cities across Canada.

(you may have missed it in you’re home town, or it may be still upcoming, so check the dates!)

Bikefest is a great way to grab some parts, donate a bike, get your ride tuned or learn how to tune it yourself. You’ll have a chance to buy, win, or use Orontas products all over the place, so stop by and check it out or register online if you want in on a specific session – IT’S FREE!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Bicycle Commons booth, which will be Orontas central!

More information can be found: here

MEC Bikefest

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