Since 2008 Bicycle Store Paris has specializes in high-end Fixies, Beach Cruiser, Vintage Italian bikes and Brompton folding bicycles for city use. The shop is presented in a concept store design and layout very different from those found in traditional bicycle shops. Each season the shop is used as a gallery for different artists they love and want to showcase.

Orontas: How long have you been open?
Bicycle Store Paris: The biCyCle store Paris was established in 2008 by Alexandre Billard.

In addition to biCyCle Store, three years ago the founders – Alexandre Billard, Cyril Saulnier and Simon Billard – created a bicycle brand, Heritage (French & Handcrafted) and ten years ago started Triathlon Store, the first shop for Triathletes in Paris.

O: What neighborhood are you in?
BSP: Our concept store is located in the very center of Paris in the famous “Marais” between Republique and Bastille squares.

O: Why did you choose this neighborhood?
BSP: We wanted to open the store inside Paris and five years ago the 3rd Parisian district (Le Marais) was still affordable. Now it’s becoming more famous and more fashionable.

O: How would you describe the cycling scene in Paris?
BSP: We decided to create the biCyCle Store in the country of the Tour de France, but in 2008 there wasn’t any shops like ours in Paris and we thought some people would like custom bicycles instead of the mass market products without any character. Around the same time the city started the “Velib” system (public bicycle rental) in the the city centre, which has given Parisians the opportunity to use a bike on a daily basis. So with more and more people wanting custom bikes and more people using bikes just for commuting the bike scene in Paris is growing quickly with all types of people.


17 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris, France

+33 (0)9 51 61 68 29

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 10.00-19.00

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