Vincent Saccomani ORONTAS

ORONTAS: What’s your day job?
VINCENT SACCOMANI: My day job is splitted betweeen taking care of adidas eyewear bike team, regarding products, new riders, contracts etc… and also working on the marketing for OSIRIS shoes in France. I’m also part of the FMBA board, which is the association managing the MTB Freeride World Tour.

On the other side, i’m always in touch with different companies, working on some projects, etc…

O: What does a typical day consist of?
VS: Mainly loads of emails and skype discussion, lot of time on the phone as well, trying to coordinate everything. Waking up at 8, starting the computer and checking emails as well as FB. Working on them ’till 12 and then off for food. BAck at work at 1 and going through emails again, skype discussion and so on… Around 6 it’s social media time with news and posts for adidas eyewear and OSIRIS france.

O: How long have you been in the action sports/BMX/MTB world?
VS: Between skateboarding, snowboarding and MTB, i’m in action sports for 20 years… Getting old, man!

O: Did you have a job before this?
VS: I started working in skateshops first, then snowboarding came out, everything else is opportunities…

O: How would you describe the bike scene in Lyon?
VS: The MTB scene is super active with a lot of riders and maybe the best level in France. Many riders are coming to Lyon for the level and practice with the best riders in France. Always conflicts and so on, of course, the whole scene could be more energetic and work together, but this would be in the best world, and we are not living in the best world!

O: Where is your favorite place to ride?
VS: I love Whitsler, Chamonix and the mountains around Lyon. But Chamonix has really a special feeling. My problem is that i always go to work in beautiful places, but i never have any bike with me…I’m about to change that for this season and enjoy the best bikeparks in Europe as well!

O: What do you ride?
VS: I have a LEAF cycles fixed gear to ride in Lyon and around. Love this bike, it’s like a BMX for me as i’m very tall ;-)

I’m building up a MTB at the moment, it gonna be a enduro ride with 150mm of travel. Like this i can ride it everywhere even if i would like to have a DH rig as well!


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