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Malmø-based graphic designer and velodrome advocate Kristian Håkansson is also organizing this years Un Giro Di Sporco Sud; a 100km race around Scania, Sweden.

ORONTAS: What is “Un Giro Di Sporco Sud”?
KRISTIAN HÅKANSSON: Un Giro Di Sporco Sud basically translates into; a race in the dirty south, and is reminder of the old days of racing. It consists of around ten stages about 8 – 15 km long of varying road conditions with breaks for lunch, coffee and a dinner party in the evening. And it’s manageable by every one… pros in the front, party in the back.

The route is secret until race day so participants never know what’s coming up next. Could be asphalt or gravel road, wet or dry and some of the nicest roads available.

I started riding with Pista Malmø in the start of 2010 and the giro had already had its second year, I’ve raced it once and been a part of arranging it two times. This year we celebrate our 5th anniversary of Un Giro Du Sporco Sud!

O: What is Pista Malmø all about?
KH: Pista Malmø is all about having fun with bikes, meeting people and where you can get inspired by like minded. DIY and fixed gear being the gateway drug to riding bikes is one of the corner stones of the club spirit. On Thursday evenings we arrange group rides that usually ends with some refreshing beverages talking about this and that. The giro is our pride and joy but there is races, alley cats, CX tournaments and weekend rides with friends as well.

Kristian Håkansson - ORONTAS

Kristian Håkansson - ORONTAS

O: What’s your day job?
KH: I work as a freelance graphic designer.

O: What does a typical day consist of?
KH: My day starts of with taking my daughter to school, have a cup of coffee to kickstart the day, planning work, getting work done and hoping there is time for a lunch ride. And if there’s any errands to run or meetings in the city centre I’m more than happy to jump on to the saddle.

Kristian Håkansson - ORONTAS

Kristian Håkansson - ORONTAS

O: Do you commute by bike?
KH: Yes, it’s the fastest way to get around in the city. There is some nice bike lanes where you don’t really have to worry about cars

O: How would you describe the bike scene in Malmo?
KH: I’d say it’s booming. The general awareness and interest of bikes is growing and there are some big investments by the city council coming to benefit bike cycle related activities. And initiatives like Cykelköket (bike kitchen) that teaches any one who wants to learn about bike repairs and building their first bike, Wednesday sprints during summer hosted by Solde coffee rosters and café that are really fast and a blast to be apart of makes the scene grow.

I’m also a member of Malmö Velodromsällskap, a non-profit association acting to promote the building of a velodrome and increase interest of velodrome cycling in Malmö.

Kristian Håkansson - ORONTAS

O: Where is your favorite place to ride?
KH: I enjoy riding around in the county side in Scania where I was born and raised, the roads here are amazing. Just a few minutes of riding away from the city and you’re free from cars and enjoying some of the nicest roads and paths.

O: What do you ride?
KH: At the moment a Francesco Moser Leader AX ´91 road bike, Dodici Gara track bike, Felt Brougham fixed gear beater & Peugeot RX50 randonneur from the 60´s made into a porteur bike.

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