The OCTTO-Cervélo team was formed at the beginning of the 2012 racing season. Racing mostly in Canada and the North Eastern USA, the team has had an excellent first season setting a strong foundation for the future. With riders in road, cyclocross and track disciplines, the team is dedicated to developing athletes.

Roster: Peter Morse, Kevin Black, Osmond Bakker, Yuri Hycraj, Brian Trafford, David Byer

One beautiful summer morning on Mount Olympus, while Venus was out riding her bike she scraped her calf on her chain ring. Out of the blood that fell to the earth emerged The Deadly Nightshades.

Formerly a design collective, the Nightshades have spun their upstart, in-your-face brand of fashion into a roving midnight bike gang. Their mission: to fight the evil forces of toxic air-kisses, and stake their claim as the new generation the fashion industry.

Roster: Cat Essiambre, Irene Stickney, Kirsten White, Laura Mensinga, Meg Orlinski, Niamh McMannus, Patricia Youn

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The more attractive, intelligent and competitive of the Barnes siblings, Hannah has legendary status in the Scottish Highlands for holding the female record for the Big Ben Triathlon (by over 50 minutes over her nearest rival!!), Hannah competes in triathlon, endurance, xc, and some downhill mountain bike events.

Pitt Cycling is a diverse and dedicated group of cyclists from the University of Pittsburgh, who race in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference. While their focus is typically the collegiate road season, riders dabble in all kinds of riding: track, mountain, cyclocross, and road. From fledgling riders competing in their first races, to seasoned vets chasing conference championships, the goal is to simply enjoy racing – on any bike – at any skill level.

Based in Toronto in the heart of the Don Valley Ravines, Bike Works is a community bike space at Evergreen Brick Works. We serve to empower people to fix and maintain their own bicycle offering access to tools, knowledgeable staff, a great atmosphere and new and used parts. Bike Works – Supporting Cycling in the City.

Essentially a bunch of passionate goofs who love racing. Stampede wants to introduce other urban riders to the sport. Their strategy: To mash the pedals, heads down, until some immovable object inevitably stops them.

Roster: Eric Baumann, Dan Cariolo, Kurt Belhumeur, Milica Wren, Julia Anderson, Ted Berg, John Kavouris, Anthony Saffery, Philip Stango, Ben Reed, Chris Raia, Matt Budd, Matt Li, Eric Thompson, Shah Paul, Sean Pantellere

Roster: Ben Cathro, Joe Barnes, Hannah Barnes

Max Feldman and Ken Regehr love bike polo. They love it so much that they formed a small cult and started making bike polo products. They now make a suite of products for bike polo under the name Northern Standard. In 2012 they came out with the sports first and only bike polo glove to rave reviews. In 2013 they plan to ride their polo bikes off the edge of the moon.

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